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"Welcome to my home. My name is Carolina Ebony Rosalinda Pitchiner. Some call me Muse or Euterpe, while friends call me Ebony. I am the mother of Seraphina Pitchiner, and the late wife of General Kozmotis Pitchiner. Now, with that out of the way, what can I help you with?

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((Note: This is an RP/Ask Blog for Lady Pitchiner from Guardians of Childhood))

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The Color of Music
The home of Ebony Pitchiner
Flirt meme( Kozmotis- Shade Snow) His eyes averted to the side slightly, something he usually never did when talking to someone, as his poise kept him standing professional. A soft click to his lips before glancing up at her, "you have a wonderful balance of personality and spirituality; they accommodate to each other very well." (Mun: Too respectful to be a flirt, he is also obvious to flirting most of the time)

She blinked and raised a brow. “Thank you?” She responded, not quite certain how to react to that.

He lifted his head to regain his straight poisure, before allowing her hand to suspend in the air when he pulled his own hand behind his back with his other one. He shook his head, " more out of respect than formality, but one could agrue of them being quite similar."

She chuckled. “That would be true, I dare say,” she said with a small smile, before glancing out at the garden. “It’s such a lovely night, and a bit of fresh air would be nice… perhaps I could ask you to walk with me for a bit?”

I dare you to flirt with my muse.



Don’t mock people for the things that make them happy.
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// Please please PLEASE, don’t be ‘funny’/smug/condescending to those who are experiencing extreme weather in their regions. Someone from britain may be complaining about 80 degree weather and those from much warmer place like America and Australia may feel inclined to remind them about how they have it much worse, but remember that these people aren’t equipped to handle the heat. They don’t have air conditioning, or fans or sunblock at reasonable prices, clothing that they can wear to try and keep cool as possible or even what they should and shouldn’t do when in heat stress.

Please recognize that this is a potentially dangerous situation for people. This goes for when warmer climates experience cold snaps and aren’t equipped to deal with it. Instead of laughing at how ‘wimpy’ some people are, ask if you can give them some advice on how to cope.

Important. And while on the subject I’m going to add a couple of tips on how to handle hot weather:

  • If it’s hot and also sunny, and you have no air conditioning, you can keep your house cooler by covering the windows. Close blinds and curtains if you have them, and if not, find something like a sheet or cardboard box. If you need a breeze you can crack the window, but for the most part try to keep the sun out.
  • Wear light materials that breathe well and fit loosely.
  • When it’s hot, you sweat a lot. Maintaining hydration is very important. Drink lots of cool water -no ice water, unless you plan on drinking it slowly. Gulping near freezing water is not good for you.
  • Limit the time you stay out in the sun. If you have to be outside, stick to the shade or wear light colors that reflect the light and heat. Wear a hat to protect your head and face from the sun.
  • If you feel yourself getting overheated, press a bottle or glass of cool water to your wrists (again, no ice). The blood will drop in temperature and travel quickly through you body, effectively cooling you off. It is also useful to keep air moving around you. Fans are your friends. Use a book if you have to.
  • A lot of you have pets, and a lot of pets have fur. Keeping them cool is also very important. Make sure your animals have lots of fresh water, shade, and a cool surface to lie down on, such as hardwood, cement, tile, etc. Do not leave your pets outside in hot weather. For animals that are so inclined, have a bowl of cool water available for them to bathe in.

How to Recognize and Treat Heat Exhaustion

How to recognize and treat heat stroke

Heatstroke in pets

Stay safe and be chill!

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                                      Do not
                                                 I can UNLEASH


There’s some ships you ship… that have massive amounts of shippers right along with you. Then there’s the ships… those ships you have that are near and dear to your heart where you’re in a fucking canoe with like… four other people.